Hello I'm Micky. Let me introduce myself!


You got it buddy. Nice being onboard


The same goes for you Nikola :muscle:


Hello Master :woman_superhero:


Whats good Micky, welcome home!


Thank you buddy. Now let’s either fix this whole instagram issue or put our heads together and make a new social platform​:muscle: :joy:


welcome to the forum


Welcome Micky. It’s fun in here. Good people.


Thank you sir


Nice to be here, would love to cooperate with you guys. Seems like a nice place definately


Welcome Michy, nice to see you here :slight_smile:


It is a pleasure being here buddy. I look forward to learn from you guys, and ofcourse share my knowledge too.
I like the stuff you put up :muscle::ok_hand:


The pleasure is mine bro, please feel free to get in touch :slight_smile:


Trust me I will bro :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community Micky!


Highly appreciated. Nice being here among so many passionate people. Great to see everyone sharing knowledge


welcome micky! regards from brazil


Welcome Mickey in our family :fist::fist:


Such a great place to receive a greeting from. Definately a dream destination it is, beautiful brazil :ok_hand:


Thank you brother. Let’s get this party started eh :wink:


Hey mate, please bulk your replies together instead of having an individual post for each reply. And tone down one phrase replies like “Exactly my friend. Nicely said” / This right here! :ok_hand: / I see what you mean"

Talking about OVERALL, not specifically to this thread.

Some of the above may be considered an aggressive push to get to level 2 :wink: