Hello I'm Micky. Let me introduce myself!


Roger that! But my purpose was to aknowlegde and appreciate recieving someone’s input instead of just “ticking” of with a like.

With this said, I do my share to contribute to the community and ofcourse reaching level 2 would be nice too, that I won’t deny :slightly_smiling_face:

But you message is received.


I hear ya, but sometimes a “like” is more than enough. Especially on the bigger threads that already have hundreds and thousands of replies. If everyone expresses their appreciation with a reply, the longer, more useful info posts would get lost in translation.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello Man <3 Welcome


I see you point, and thank you for notifying me. I get your point of view :muscle::wink:


Thank you brother. Nice being onboard :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Mickey you’re so fine :crazy_face:


Nice to have you here!


Lot’s of people got here because of that, lol.

Welcome to MP Social! :slight_smile:


LOL, I was about to reply the same thing


Welcome to the group @Micky !


Welcome Micky, how many IG accounts you have running in Jarvee currently?


Welcome Micky


Hello Mickey


Welcome my friend! Glad to have you here