Hello It is Edouard New Joiner

Trying to learn Social Media :slight_smile: I am a Software Engineer so I have few IT skills I can use! Hope that all of you stay safe by those days.


Welcome to the community! Hope you have a great time :laughing:

Welcome @chenardedouard

Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:

Welcome! Social media is a fun ride. Interested in seeing your take on what you learn given your background :hugs:

You’ll see some nice resources on this forum to learn from others experiences so far.

Stay safe!

These are “dangerously” skills, remember not to think too much :slight_smile:
Best regards IT bro :beers:

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Welcome! and here goes my first advise, read read and read the amazing articles that you can find in all categories here! Good Luck! from a Software Engineer too :wink: