Hello MPsocial people!

Hi everyone,
Hope you all have a nice day.

I’m Daniel and I’m a MassPlanner user for some time now ( don’t really know when I first purchased , maybe a moderator can tell me :smile: as I’m interested too )

Got intro social media marketing in fall 2014.
In 2015 after some brake of using the same methods and failing I continued my regular work, as I’m a UI/UX designer and also doing coding related projects.
In 2015 I discovered Pinterest / How to proper do E-Mail marketing and getting the best engagement for Facebook ads .

As for now, I just got intro Instagram and creating a plan to combine all my knowledge into a project :slight_smile:

Hope that I didn’t bored you too much.


Hi @exod, great introduce. Many people love someone who can code programming skill. Don’t forget share your knowledge here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the introduction @exod! I’'m looking forward to seeing what you do! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! I am sure you will be a great addition!

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Welcome to the community @exod glad to have you around :wink:

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Hey welcome Daniel, I just joined as well, very happy to be here:):slight_smile:


Welcome @exod. Hope you have fun here.

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Great introduction @exod :grin: I am pleased to read you