Hello! Noah King here


Hello everyone! My name is Noah King and I’m new to the site. I’m here with my dad @theDoctor. I’ll be trying to learn how social media functions and helping my dad grow his anti-human trafficking platform. So if you have any advise on social media or some good solid memes, let me know!


Hey Noah! Cool to have dad and son hang around here :slight_smile:


Thanks @Phago ! I’m excited too.


I would contact @Adnan and see if you can be bumped up to level 2 or 3. You’ll find a lot of useful info and memes there.

Welcome to the forum!


Thank you @wortime . I’ll give it shot!


It’s really nice being able to have my son work with me. It’s funny thinking that he will grow up in a world that will always have cell phones and emails and twitter etc

Noah when you contact @Adnan mention we are working together. And i would say you are contacting him as per @wortime suggestion.

Good luck and welcome to the forum son, now we get to making some bank to pay for your college.


Hello! Welcome! I’m new here too!


welcome to the forum !!


Welcome @Acettan5. Hope you enjoy the community


This is awesome, love to see a father and son team, family values warm my cynical heart. Welcome Noah! That’s a cool name BTW, Noah King, sounds like a badass action movie hero.


Thanks @delagarde !