Help a Designer for a Commission?

Hello MP mates,

This is my first thread here and first of all I want to introduce myself (and excuse me for my bad english). My name is Sebastian, and I am an Argentinian graphic designer. I started using Mass Planner some years ago trying to promote my website and Logo Design Services, first tried with Facebook at first great results, then as you all may know, the restrictions were more harder to pass, then Twitter (not the results I wanted), and now I am trying with Instagram, it was really a pain in the ass up to now, many accounts banned, lack of knowledge of many things that I am learning little by little thanks to many of you great posts and topics in this forum, I would like to mention a few topics I learned from and were great for me that I am a total newbie at IG Marketing: I discover this post yesterday and I realized many of my mistakes, now I am running only 5 accounts and trying to carefully rise them properly and gradually to start with my marketing strategy, but as I see it will take some time (weeks) to start making a little more agressive marketing.

What I was thinking of, and I don’t know if it’s the proper place in the forum to mention it or even if it’s possible to offer something like this, is a little help for commissions, of course if you are interested. I know most of the people here are working in Affiliate Marketing and promoting someone else’s businesses for a commission, and I am offering a service myself. My product is Logo Design and other design services, and I would love to give you a commission of 40% for new clients. Right now I am charging $100 a Logo (but that’s for the lack of clients lately, if I could get more clients, the price would rise to a standard of $300 that would be my ideal price) So that would be my idea, I am an honest person. maybe a little tired of failure, and would love some help to get a win-win situation for everyone who is interested.

If someone here could be interested in colaborate with me or critic the idea to make it better, opinions and thoughts… I would be really honoured to respond. Also I can share with you the instagram strategy I am trying to apply to get some targeted clients… It was working until my last accounts were banned, maybe for moving forward too fast. I Think of Instagram because it’s the new trend I think but I assume any Social Media Platform would be good to find businesses which needs Logo Design.

Best Regards!


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Welcome to the forum, Seb!

It would be helpful if you can share some of your work here too. This way, if someone is interested, they can get a better idea of your work.

Hi Sebastian, I moved your thread to the #the-free-for-all-lounge section as it wasn’t in the right section.

I understand how you are tired from “failing” I would be careful using that word, you have gained a lot of experience so far and that’s not “failing”. Just keep going, read more threads on the forum and ask where you don’t understand something, there are a lot of members here who will help answering the questions you have.

Don’t give up :wink: and good luck.

Thanks Mojo! Definately I will, I assume in the marketplace :slight_smile: Thanks for the good vibes!

Thanks Said, I thought that may not be the correct place for posting.
Yes, I am reading everyday to learn more and more… But as it seems, I always forget a detail that results in ban and… whops, all over again :grimacing:

I see this is a very active forum with really helping people, so I won’t doubt if I have some questions on my MP strategies.

Thank you so much!

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