Help: Account Types for Facebook?

I’m trying to work out what option to take for buying/making Facebook accounts. I will soon have some Gmail emails purchased which will be used for YouTube purposes. Would Gmail accounts be perfectly fine for manually creating Facebook accounts? They wouldn’t be PVA as I wouldn’t have any SIMs.
I also have access to buying Facebook accounts, prices are $2 for filled with some friends (though not very relevant) or $1 fresh. And I’ve seen some posts here for creating your own through things like or Tutanota.

Would the Gmail accounts work fine without PVA SIMs or should I try the other methods of buying accounts or manually making them with different emails? Thanks.

Why not try all?

Your IP will determine the capability of creating the accs success or failure. And they will always immediately ask for phone number. Gmail or not gmail doesn’t always affect the success rate, but a small chance it will/will not work.

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Regarding the IP, if I create each one manually with the different proxy it will be using will that likely work?
When you say they immediately ask for phone number, does Facebook require a phone verification? Is it possible to use them without it or is it much more stable to get PVA/SIMs?

There is a possibilty of using it without a number, but that depends on your spam level and IP.

So at one point they will have the number check its better you have real sims ready.

I absolutely agree with @dddd

You need to take into consideration that Facebook will ask you to verify your account with phone number and when it happens, it good to be prepared.

Gmails are perfect for accounts creation.