[HELP] Audience IG Free Followers Niche

Hello guys,

I’m new here and also new into IG Accounts + private bot and I need a bit help/advice if its possible.
I’ve read an ebook of a MPSocial senior member for 10 times (I guess) and he recommend for beginners to not have headache to start with free followers niche.

I did!

I’ve started with 30 IG accounts, warming them up for more then 15 days (all good) and right now I follow 800 daily. Then I had to search for my audience. I’ve looked into teenage celeb, first worldwide then by certain countries. I’ve pick 15 celeb and from all 30 accounts I’ve profiled 10 of them with different bio, different pics, name and also links. After 4 days since I profiled the IGs I have around 300-350 visits to my LP (free one) (i use a cloaker), just 40 clicks reach the content locker and 13 reach the affiliate offer and just 2 converted…

Could you please give me some advice for my journey?

PS: I know it’s a saturated niche but others still make some money with it. I just want to learn and to scale up. Thank you for any tips in advance. :raised_hands:

I think the problem is with your landing page, try and test another landing page between those accounts and compare your results.

Also you should try market rhino free followers template if you have money.

I can buy lp from rhino but someone said does not convert much better (spectacular) than the free one. I’ve already spent around 200 bucks for vps, aged igs + bot and I’m afraid to spend more at this niche can be risky… I’m not skeptical, just saying :slight_smile:

Read the thread by DEADZ it may help you.
You need to find out the correct people to follow.

what does it meas “free followers niche” ?
seems its works you just need to scale hings up

Before to scale up bro have to find a way to set the audience coz this is the issue, I think… so, someone who is into this maybe can give some hints of targeting.

Hey, can you also share who wrote the ebook? I’m seeing a large influx of new guys here, so I’m wondering if they are all coming from this ebook you mentioned. Thanks!

Hi! DEADZ’s one.

Would you mind sharing how you found the ebook? I’m a complete noob and I need a guide that starts from the very beginning as so much of the terminology is lost on me! Thank you

I think I\m not allowed to share links from other forums here. Just search threads of DEADZ on here and you will find it. I’m also new.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look.