Help, bought Accounts

Hey guys,

I bought 5 accounts from Henry Cooper…I want to slowly get into using each one for different purposes. One being scraping and using on the LE tool in Jarvee.

I don’t know exactly, where to start with them or how they were setup. Should I change the email address? Will the accounts be flagged if I log into US proxies or should I just go with Henry’s 1:1 mobile proxies. I haven’t actually logged into the IG accounts because I don’t want to put any IP info on them without knowing which way to go first.

Any help would be appreciated or direction to post on the topic because I didn’t find anything in the search. But maybe I’m using the wrong search keywords.

Thanks in advance


The account won’t be flagged if you log from US proxies (location doesn’t really matter), unless the proxies you use are shitty. That said, using 1:1 on @HenryCooper’s Mobile is always a good idea, if you have some.

Change the email address once you’re in if you want to. Go easy with changes (baby steps) as Instagram doesn’t really like it. Use the EB instead of Jarvee by itself to make those changes.


You can start manually, try to change one thing at the time. Put few likes and relevant comment !


Thanks! Exactly the info I needed, thought I maybe I should use the embedded browser…

Thanks for the suggestion, will do!!!

Do your account changes in delayed and small increments and it can help avoid issues.

Day one - Change the password
Day two - Change the email (if needed)
Day three - Change the bio/gender
Day four - Change name
Day five - change profile pic


Thanks for being super specific advice!! Definitely will do this!!!



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The King can eat you. :smile:

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After further review it appears I received some other information too when I bought the accounts. I believe I received the API Key and the API User Agent. Not sure if this other number I can’t figure out it has “android” in it. Not sure if its the Embedded browser User agent. Do I need to add this info when setting it up in Jarvee?

I think i figured it out Phone ID, Device Id, Unique Id or Advertising Id…

Should I enter this stuff in when loading the account in Jarvee

With these bought accounts you can only use our Raw-Mobile or one of the Datacenter tiers :slight_smile:

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Thanks…I saw on the page that 1:1 was for client management only and that you guys required the username… But wasn’t sure if these accounts would qualify. Thanks for the clarification

My bad. I didn’t know they were for spam.

What is the difference between taking actions with the eb and through jarvee? :slight_smile:

I can’t explain the tech reason, but tests have shown the EB was a more reliable way to do it, at least for me and a few others on MPS.

I understood it like that:

  • Actions with EB: Jarvee is using the embeded browser to comunicate to instagram
  • Actions through Jarvee: Jarvee is using IG API to comunicate to instagram
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thanks! make a lot of sense