[HELP] Cold DMs struggle

Hey guys, someone here got experience with Cold DMs on IG? Even though I started recently, I’m struggling with open/answer rate.

What are Cold DM’s? Are you sending messages to accounts not following you?

If people do not answer you they are probably not interested in your offer (=wrong targeting).

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I just say something along the lines of “Hey, love your account and what you do! Had a quick question I hope you could answer”. Short and sweet plus adds a bit of mystery since I don’t give my whole pitch on the first message.

There are a lot of scammers online. I always suspect something bad if unknown people mail me. I also hate people wasting my time and mailing me without permission. I would block your account after receiving your mysterious message.

I would really try to show them that it is worth it spending their time talking to you.

Ah I guess I answered this question based on my own situation.

I own a fairly large Instagram account in a specific niche and pretty well known. I’ve been using this account to cold DM people to join an affiliate program I started recently.

When I first started dming, I gave out my whole pitch, results weren’t that good. I changed it up to that message above, and I got a lot more people to reply. So this gave me the opportunity to start a conversation with them and they could give what I was offering a chance.

But people responding could just be based on the fact that I have a large account, but that’s how I’ve been cold dming recently.

The point is to introduce myself and my company and as we are B2B, I always offer them something for free. My message is pretty long, so maybe this can help

@dimitri has a good point. How exactly do you decide which users you will contact, how do you target potential clients?