[Help] Collect FB people who have many follow by GEO

This time, I asking help for my job.
All that I need is people’s wall URL who lives certain location and have many follower.
Before I know MPsocial, I just copy people’s URL on my wall if he/she have many follower.
But If someone knows the method or program to collect certain people’s wall url easily, Could let me know it?

Just to confirm. You want to publish post to a users wall? If so, you can only publish a post to your friend’s wall. Can you give us more details?

I need user’s URL to analyze the trend. And I don’t want to post on theirs wall.

People who have many followers also have strong influence. I want to contact them and also send message or freind request.

Unfortunately, there’s no feature yet on mp that can do what you want to do. However, we do have the Contact Module, which enables you to extract users that lives in certain locations.

To extract users from certain locations, you can check this out

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Thanks. Now I crawling it with my hand. It’s efficient more than I think

This might help you:


Thanks Benny, It really help up me ! :slight_smile: