(HELP) Creating functional engagement groups

Hey everyone!

Let me explain, I am currently trying to create a working engagement group where users with:
1k,5k,25k and 75k can join and they will be automatically engaging with each other.

I’m trying to figure out a way to make this work automatically, where they join and are automatically put in the group that they joined. Their posts have to be liked in the first 30 minutes, but how do I make sure everyone in the group is liking/commenting and not just receiving.

I already have the design ready for my website and everything, but I don’t have the backend ready as in how I’m going to be able to do it. An example I can give is the fuel gram groups… You would join their engagement group and automatically get likes within the first 30 minutes… HOWWW? lol, any help would be appreciated.

Ralf G.

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As harsh as it sounds, if you are stuck in this step - you should not be operating an EG.


Very true, but I’m eager to learn. It is one of the services I am offering in the near future and would like to get started. I would like to automate everything but I can’t find a way by searching online. This forum has very good information, hence why I decided to try it out.

Thanks for your response Mojo!

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Agreed, too many out there already for you to be struggling with this. Hard to believe many legit 75K accounts are gonna work through a build like this either.

120 percent agree. this is waters not for new swimmers!!!

You wouldn’t be able to do this without extensive API knowledge tbh. The people already doing this not only understand the API but also understand scripting languages in which they use to run their websites. Having an idea and wanting help isn’t enough to get this done properly.


If only eagerness qualified everyone to be experts of something people are paying for.

Not sure how they’re done, but there’s probably some already coded stuff on GitHub for Telegram engagement groups.

Personally I’d be more interested in the idea of manually created ones with a group of trustworthy friends, who invite a few of their trustworthy friends until you’ve got a big enough group of people who you can actually rely on to post comments when a link is shared.

I know I’m still searching for this, but I’ve got no friends so YMMV ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Start by running a What’s App group (not telegram) that you moderate. You can add 256 people to one chat. Get 256 like-minded people into that group liking / commenting (with rules). There are ways to sell once you have all the people in the group and it will be a good learning experience for you.

I can tell you that these groups are the new ‘hashtags’ and are basically running their course (in my humble opinion).


Been there, done that. It died. I don’t have enough friends either.
Best to stick with the big groups where the common interest is… growth.