Hi everybody,

Lately ive been struggling with ranking hahstags and reach in general.

I do things organically as i run a community in the streetwear/fashion niche with loads of active people and share posts with each other on whatsapp, fb, ig and other channels. I always get good engagement in the 1st minutes but i cant never imporve reach or rank hahstags. i try different hashtags, small, mediu, big and i rotate them but nothing works. i get 7 views via hashtags max recently.

The question is: do this people liking have to follow the account in order for the likes to really count and push and rank hashtags or it doesnt matter? because i really dont get what im doing wrong . The only thing i can think of is that most of those account dont follow me but other then that i get good engagment. its a business account so raning hashtags its important for other people to find the content.

Thanks for reading, any help would be appreciated.

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