Help! First client - blocked with barely any actions

I have to agree with @Komando

You’ll find the solutions to all your problems there.

For now, rest the account for 24 - 48 hours while you look for a solution.

I recommend using the ‘Full Browser Experience’ tool in Jarvee to browse instagram accounts for that period of time as well,.

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As long as the proxy provider is handling his operation proper, it will not cause any issues.


Hello, in your case I don’t think it depends on proxies one hundred percents.
You should split your proxies and test.

  • 5 Accounts follow on the A plan
  • 5 Accounts follow on the B plan
  • 5 Accounts follow on the proxies A (Highproxies)
  • 5 Accounts follow on the proxies B (Another Provider)
    You will see what plan matches for you, and you have to suffer from Action Blocks, it is no longer a surprise (I guess)

4g proxy should solve your problems

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Not to judge but how is it that people manage clients which such basic questions and setups. DC for clients? hmmm