Help! First client - blocked with barely any actions

Hey guys,
I am a beginner with client management and seeking some help.

I set up my first client in Jarvee this morning, came home to see action blocks on both like and follow. Had only followed 8 people and liked 18 posts.

I got a temporary block suspending the tool for 24 hours.

Here was the setup:
IG account is over 2 years old
DC proxy from high proxies, not in the clients city, but in the same country (Australia)
Conservative settings
Realised I did not have the full browser experience on but just turned it on for future used.

I turned both like and follow off when I saw the blocks, and shortly after the like tool turned blue. Follow is still red.

I tossed up between getting a DC proxy for this client within Australia, or just getting a mobile proxy from overseas (cannot find any in Australia). My concern with getting a mobile proxy is that I’m afraid that the client posting from their location, paired with the mobile proxy in a different country will send a red flag to IG. And I don’t want to arrange with the client for me to post for them from Jarvee. If anyone could advise on this matter of the proxy, that would be amazing.

I would appreciate any input as I obviously want to please this client1


How many people F/U per hour ?

It’s set between 0-25

Throwing your client on a proxy from HP and doing actions right away is a recipe for disaster. Did anyone advise you to use a proxy from HP and doing actions immediately?

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Ok, so that should be ok, and how many F/U per action ? As said before it can be also proxy location problem.

Ok, so instead it wouldv’e been better to link their account with a proxy and not commence actions immediately? Rather, wait 24 hours or more?

The decision to go with a DC proxy was simply from research (e.g. youtube tutorials, etc)

It’s set at 2 - 30 per operation

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Don’t fully trust youtube tutorials :wink:

Ha, as I’ve learned!

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It’s better to ask here on forum :wink:

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What do you think about using a 4G proxy but still having the client post from their usual location?

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Amount of actions per hours is ok , so it should be proxy problem

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What proxy location? It is better to use location the nearest possible to the client.

I mean, say I switched to a 4G proxy in Thailand and the client is posting from their phone in Australia, would that still be ok?

Currently, the proxy is located in one city (Sydney) while the client is posting from Melbourne.

I can’t say if it will work :wink: You have to try. You can’t find 4g proxy located also in Sydney? It would be better

I haven’t been able to come across any based in Australia!

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Just try with this located in Thailand, say Your client not to take actions You automate in jarvee.

Ok so you think I should try a 4G proxy and tell them to take no manual actions?
But post as usual? Thanks

Yes, try this for some time, that should be ok. I mean if jarvee is following tell him not to follow manually the same time. He can post.

I suggest you to read threads like [SOLUTION] [2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! instead some outdated youtube tutorials or stuff made by gurus.

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