Help get me better FBR

Hey Guys! Im trying to create a slave setup for ms in the pets niche. I’m using top performing posts to repost but can’t get a high follow back rate.

Could it be that the sources I use are bad? I was using some others that were great but ran out.

Otherwise what are some tips for better FB.
I bought aged accounts and the following is quite high. Is that an issue?

Very competitive niche. Try looking at similar pages to the ones that are succeeding. Of course sources are the biggest key in FBR thougu

Basically, two things: Sources and posting content

You gotta make sure that you’re posting a very good quality, original, and related to your niche content.

you will need high top-notch content the pet niche is super competitive and yes try to lose those followings and get the account to a decent number of followers.