HELP! How can I get the URL of instagram advertisement?

I have a question to ask you. How can I get the URL link of instagram advertisement?
I know can use various spy tools, such as adspy. Is there any other way?
URL links are like post URLs, but their essence is advertising
eg:Login • Instagram

How can I get this URL when I see the new advertisement?

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I just know that you can copy links from ad posts shown to you in the app by clicking the 3 dots → copy link. This would be a manual way.
Since the advertisers pay money to show ads to specific users you shouldnt be able to scrape from outside - unless the scraper account fits the criteria.
Correct me if Im wrong.

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Thank your reply !
However, when I use the mobile version of instagram to see an advertising post, there is no copy link within three dots
It seems that only the three dots of general posts have copy links


You’re actually right, I just tried it and it doesnt show!
Maybe it really is impossible to share ad links to prevent link spreading outside the platform and manipulating the advertising dynamic of facebook ads.

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Are you talking about someone elses ad or your own?

I think someone elses? @Jicaya88