HELP! I am shadow banned

So my account has been shadow banned. I can only think that this is due to setting up a few account on the one device. I tried only being logged into one account. It didn’t help.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it, logged in to the one account and still nothing. I also deleted all the accounts.

I know it is a shadow ban as i have a pro account so it shows me the traffic. At the moment ALL my views are from followers & profile views

I am unsure what do now? It has been weeks

Have you check your recent hashtag, the last time i am shadow banned on TikTok is because of hashtag

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I do always use the same hashtags so am i being punished for that?

This is the first mistake the best solution for you now its to post 2/3 times a week without any tags for about 4weeks then check if the punishment has ended

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Okay thanks! Great advice

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This is the best solution that worked for my shadow ban

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Why would they shadow ban you from making multiple accounts lol

Because that’s a practice that bots / spam accounts do…

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shadow bans seem pretty random on tiktock, ive had some that lasted weeks and some that last for days

The shadow ban is IP correct so would getting a new device fix this along with a new phone number?

have you tried posting content that got on the for you page before? It could just be content related

how long did it take for shadowban to go away?

I am still to this day shadow banned

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Are you sure that his shadow ban is issued to your account, not your IP, since you have created several accounts?

I’m not sure whether TikTok does it, but I believe suspensions to an IP address are more common in these kinds of situations.

In any case, you should try switching your IP up with proxies, as unfortunately, VPN won’t be of much help here. This guide is written for Instagram, however IMHO should work with other social media as well.

And for future reference, it’s always recommended to set up your new accounts on different IPs via proxies. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s best to have 1 account per 1 IP, if you want to be really safe.

Good luck!

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I created a new account and its getting 0 views for 3 straight videos

I previously deleted the account and app. Later reinstalled the app and created a new account.

Is that what’s causing the 0 views?

Delete Tiktok from your device and try to connect after 24 hours on other device with other IP

my account is for sure baned. Because i started a new account and i’m getting more views on it then my account with 350k followers. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with ip in my case

I’m no expert on TikTok, but what about your engagement rates?

If it’s anything as Instagram, if the engagement rate drops, so will your views and their algorithm takes this into account. So this is kind of a never-ending circle.

Same issue here. Have an account with 200K followers, but now TikTok won’t show my content on the For You Page. My posts only go to my followers (I can see from my analytics). Any idea how long this type of ban lasts? It’s been a week now and I have no idea what caused it. Saw you posted about this 3 weeks ago and was wondering if you were still shadow banned.

Still shadowbanned still confused