[help] I believe my publications are invisible in groups

Good evening,
I have a problem for several weeks now, my campaigns of publications on facebook no longer work.
Before I could get between 500 and 800 visitors a day with my publications campaigns in 40 groups with 5 different accounts (200 publications in total).
Now I do not get any more visits …
I use a text + a photo + the link of my website.

How should I correct this?
Should I spinner my texts? Reduce the number of items per account? Increase publication time?

Thank you

Make sure your account is not ghosted. If the account is not ghosted then the visitors might be in a state of ignoring your post as they have seen it over and over again (banner blindness is a real thing).

Another thing is that you should make sure that the post goes through to all of your groups and they are not being deleted.

thanks for your advice,
I’ll check it out.