[HELP] I Need Help Monetizing My Instagram Page

I’ve grown my page to 55k followers and I currently get around 5k likes per post (posting 4 times a day) so I’m reaching 2 million+ people per week.

I’ve tried to monetize through affiliate marketing and arbitrage but I’ve only made $5 for the whole month (I’d prefer not to do shoutout because it destroys my accounts reach and takes a while to recover).

The niche is NBA.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Your account engagement rate is high. Try setting up shopify store and sell sports related products.


Yes like @ossi said one of the best way to monetize the traffic and the engagement that you have is ecom stores, that way you can keep the audience in the same niche and you can even build a personal brand afterwards.


@taco Welcome to the MPSocial community.

As some posters already pointed out, affiliate might not be the best option, because you need a high amount of traffic for affiliate to pay off (if you do not want to annoy your user base with high ticket sales like crypto,forex and all that crap).

Just make sure to not make your sales post to obvious (for both sneaky conversion and for not bleeding your user base). Once you found a good product for yourself you might want to look into extending your sales posts on other pages. Otherwise the scalability of your sales is really limited.

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