[Help] Increase Website Conversion Rate

Recently I have increased my traffic by 3x but yet im still making the same fucken amount…im a bit mindfucked. Anyone know how I can increase conversion rate for my website? i get around 800 visitors a day. I feel like little things can change the game for me. Let me know. Thanks!

What are you using to drive traffic? FB ads? Instagram? Im currently using fb ads to drive traffic. Im glad to help if i can!

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Put a heat map on your landing page/Offer page to see what your visitors are doing. Many free ones will give you enough stats like referrer, time on page, etc to see a pattern.

Try running an A/B Test for your landing page/Offer page: try altering the headline, more/less benefits, more result images or just simplify.

Edited:(Added Heat Map Suggestion)

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Im using everything however i don’t think that has to do with website conversions.

This is exactly what i need! . I have google analytics & fb pixel. already installed. Can that give me info on what a user is doing? I can’t seem to find that information. Can u explain the heat map more specific? Thank you

Sure it does. If your using ads you could be targeting the wrong people.

no i know for fact the ppl that visit my site are targeted well. I am having a conversion issue on my page.

So users were converting just fine but after traffic increase they don’t? It does in fact sound like a targeting issue or maybe you are under end of the month lead scrub? You doing email submits? Why do you think users were converting before and they suddenly stopped? Carefully check your analytics data, I’m sure you will have some clues.

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Improve your sales copyrighting and page layout.

Is there any issues when trying to purchase? maybe try goign through the process yourself to see if something is bugging out.

Basically I concur with Dr @tripleyourtribe, Dr @Smylie Dr @monzo Dr @bbourg543 we need to see your sales funnel (in general) for your site before we can diagnose a remedy.:wink:


It is a bit hard to help with the limited information we have. I would love to see a link :wink:

There is 1 thing I do not understand. You have traffic and conversions. You increase your traffic by 3x to 800 visitors a day. But the number of conversions does not increase.

Why is there no conversion problem with the visitors you had in the beginning ? Why this problem only appeared after increasing the number of visitors ?

What did you do to increase the number of visitors ?

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You can use Hotjar.

For example you can take a look at this video: Use hotjar’s visitor recordings to see where visitors drop off the funnel