[HELP] Instagram Ads made through Ads Manager

I will cut it short.

I created both stories and simple posts for Instagram straight away from Facebook Ads Manager.

Problem is I do not see the posts or the stories like if I did them first from the app and then sponsored them.

Anyone has any clue about this?

If they’re created in Ads Manager that’s going to be the best place to see their performance as well. You’re creating them as an ad, not as a post and then boosting/sponsoring them. That’s two different things.

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Maybe I am confused a little. Could you elaborate both situations for me, please?

I am confused because they show up in people timelines, but I cant see the ads at all from the app and I find it a little bit frustrating compared to the ones you do on Facebook.

On top of that, the ads do not even show on “Ads” section of the profile.

Ass @goodtimes said if you made the post from the app and boost it through ads then you can see it but if you create them from ads manager it would be treated as ads only(not a post)

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Here’s a good summary of the sponsored posts. In short, they aren’t technically ads because they’re not created through ads manager. They’re organic posts you pay to get more exposure to.

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Thank you! I’m reading now!