Help : Looking For A chineese number provider for instagram

hi guys
as the title said i’m looking for a chineese number provider for instagram verification

if you know someone who sell them please let me know

You can try hidemynumber!

what happen ??? i didn’t understand

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Why chinese?
How many u need?

For PV it doesn’t matter which numbers you use…

How many number you need for PV?

TBH I just get sim cards for free from shops, just ask normally there £1 but some shops give me 5 to 10 at a time. get a cheap phone and vola :smiley:

Why chineese ?
cause they work good for me

How many you need ?
i think 1000 number

i think 1000 number

you can try to google or baidu 爱乐赞 it’s a online chinese sms verification platform where you pay 2-3 rmb for sms verification


HideMynumbers is pretty good.

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whats hidemynumber!

Have you used them? Are they good? can you pay for reverification?

Sorry for all the Q’s

Provider for chinese numbers :wink:

I had awful experiences with Hidemynumbers… they cycle their numbers for Instagram guaranteeing you to get stuck with another Joe Shmoe who is trying to do black hat cpa and shit on the same number as you (connection).
I have 1-35 of the accounts working today from HMN.
(Note. Was new to IG and everything. But I also had bad proxies and the accounts where also bought, not made by me.)

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you can try getsmscode ,they have chinese number and many Southeast Asian countries number
i use it very good