Help me choose my new Laptop

Yo guys, I think on this forum are some tech and hardware experts, and I know exactly nothing about it, so please help me make some decisions :smiley:

I know some of you guys are hardcore tech fans, but please understand I am not looking for a high-end Laptop. I just want to surf on it with a couple of tabs open and maybe a script running in the background without my Laptop lagging.
8 GB RAM is enough for me, what I am mainly unsure of is the CPU.

These are some laptops I found (Don’t want to pay more than 900$)

DELL Latitude 5580 Notebook - i5-7440HQ SSD Full HD
Acer Aspire V 13 V3-372 Notebook
ASUS Notebook R558UQ-XO1283T

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There as many submodels of these as there are IG accounts. You can get them with or without more features, so posting the price and all the items it comes with would help a bit more.

I would go for 16GB RAM right off the bat. You say you only need a few tabs, but if you are buying a new laptop, why not just get one that will be around for a bit longer?

Any of these would be fine since you basically just described you really only use it for browsing and not for gaming etc.

But out of these and based on your needs, I would suggest the:

ASUS Notebook R558UQ-XO1283T

Why? I have not used an ASUS ever, you should do some research on reviews etc, but it is an i7, and has a dedicated 2GB video card.

Like I said, I would shoot for more RAM right off the bat though.

Asus has never let me down. Although Dell has been kind to me too.

My recommendations are getting 12-16GB of RAM, SSD, and i7 processor.

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Ahh ok, I added the link to the laptops, though it is in German.

Sorry I have no idea, but I think RAM is only important if I have a lot of programs running, right? I just don’t want to spend more than 900$ because I don’t have more cash and I don’t want to withdraw from my PayPal right now because the limit just got lifted and I don’t want to screw it up :smiley:

The Dell one has a quad core is that better?

Ok, Thanks.

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You can pay with Paypal😬

No I will buy the laptops locally tomorrow :smiley:

I was thinking of doing this too and realized it would be cheaper to just use a VPS. Laptops die too quickly when left on all the time, they’re really not intended to be run like servers.

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This laptop won’t be for automation software :smiley:

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Oh, I must have missed that (or I can’t read today). In that case, the ASUS that @wortime hinted at (from your list) is pretty good.

I was really close to getting the 13 inch HP Spectre x360, but don’t have money for anything at the moment. It was that or the Dell XPS 13. Both had decent features vs pricepoints.

What about the first laptop? Is it better because it has a quad core processor?

It’s an older generation i5 I think, vs the i7 in the ASUS, not sure how the mobile versions differ from the desktop ones, but when I built my current machine I started with an i5 to save money, and quickly released it was not going to cut it, later upgraded to an i7 4770k which made a big difference.

Also, I think if you’re going to get a laptop, which doesn’t always allow for upgrades, it’s worth spending a bit more to get something as modern as possible, to make it last longer.

Yes, but for what you are doing I would go for the all arounder which would be the ASUS. Having a good dedicated video card will help keep things going smoothly. It has an i7.

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As Ian mentioned, go with whats more future proof. RAM is easy and cheap to install at a later date, the CPU and video card will not be.


RAM isn’t too costly tbh. You could also upgrade the RAM, if needed at a later point, using hardware from and tutorials on youtube. Although if you plan on doing that, lookup on Crucial the laptop model and it should tell you the max amount of RAM that model can take.

Ok thanks guys @wortime @MPrules @MPrules @ErikL

I will go with the ASUS :slight_smile:


Asus the best of those three laptops.:+1:

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Yeah here it is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


That should work fine for you. You can even do some light gaming thanks to a decent GPU and 2GB RAM for video.

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8gb ram and 256 gb ssd…fast and light

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I have 16GB ram 256gb SSD Lenovo $599

Work perfectttttt👌
Old laptop wasn’t SSD if i had few tabs open it was fking slow.
Now i can open 20/50 do whatever i want no problem👌

But still if i open my shared Free quotes file in excel it’s slow​:grimacing::grimacing: or is it normal with a 35K quotes excel file?

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