Help me choose proxy

  • Please help me choose between the 2 types of proxy below, I am very thankful, which is really good? If you have used, please let me know your feelings and
  • I also went through Cooper’s ($ 4) mobile proxy and I can ask how many accounts can I use on his proxy every night? thank you very much

You can use one account per proxy on his 1:1 ($4) mobiles. Go with him and avoid the others for your clients as they are datacenters.

As I’ve just learned. The safest way is 1 proxy per account. Though you can also use 1 proxy for 5 accounts since instagram allows 5 accounts, but i’m not sure about the risk

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This depends on the proxy type :slight_smile:
I’d rather put 7 accounts on a dedicated mobile than 1 on a DC if we are talking about client management.


Why would you want to go around something that the proxy provider tells you to do?
1:1 is only meant to be used 1:1 , YES you can put more than one account per mobile IP because there are already thousands of real accounts using it and thats what we do ON OUR SIDE. So lets say in theory that a seller doesnt have a protection against that and giving out mobile IP to 5 clients, who decide its a great idea to run 5 accounts pet mobile, we have 25 accounts per IP which can certainly cause troubles.
Regarding your question - people can give great suggestions but they might be just not right for your operation, and if you cant test a couple of proxy providere to see what works best then theres something very wrong with your plan )


If you use Henry Copper’s proxies you need to have already established account :slight_smile:


Use Henry’s Raw Mobile Proxies, they are the best. I personally have 14 accounts on each in 12 h shifts.

Why are you saying so?

Haven’t had any experience with the proxies you listed. if you want to diversify your proxies and not rely just on Henry Coopers (even though I would highly recommend them) I would go either with High proxies or SSl Private Proxies both of these worked great for me. :sunglasses:

What are you going to be using the proxy for?

Disclaimer: Affiliated with the mentioned proxy provider

Can only support that claim - Even “good” proxies might not be the “best” proxies for your account(s) and use-case, so always test far and wide, and don’t just stick with that is cool right now.

Don’t be afraid to re-test things across all of them once you have made changes to accounts, settings and your mindset. So many things can impact if a proxy works for your accounts and they change so quickly with IG/FB/TikTok that it’s worth revisiting what you thought would never work.

Hi everyone,

Where can I find Henry’s Proxies? Sorry I am new.

Thanks !

Through this link ‘’ you can hire or ask questions with henry proxies


I’m a huge fan of but Henry has some great proxies for a great price as well!

This site doesnt seem to work- i’ve even tried msging him as well but no response, any idea?