Help me - How to get started with jarve and 10 main accounts

I am new to using Jarvee, and I think it took a long time to get to the game, here I have reviewed several posts where they indicate that IG is increasingly strict.
I comment, install jarvee and follow the guide of Aki A on youtube (jarvee for beginners), hire a 4G proxy and 2captcha. I did step by step according to the blessed guide and I suspended 2 scraper accounts. The main account is throwing 505 errors because I understand that it depends on the scrapers.
Is it possible to only configure main accounts to grow slowly, without the need for scraper?
There will be a guide for beginners, the ones I find on YouTube are a bit old.
IF there is someone who can help me set up a couple of accounts, I will be rewarded. And if you speak Spanish, much better (I have bad English)
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.

With 10 Main Accounts, you must have proxies for these, I would like to recommend use 4G proxy:
3 accounts for 1 proxy with 2 shifts (12 hours per shift). Or you can try 1 4G proxy and 5 accounts per shift
And highly recommend at least 3x10= 30 API scrapers for all the works with not too strict filter!

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Use scrapers! It seems complicated but it will ward of lots of blocks and issues that you will come across.

Theres a lot of good tips in my m/s log. Just search it. Otherwise most things are covered on this forum.

Key is to warm up very slow and work on getting those 10 accounts running perfectly. I spent the first 4 months learning going through hell, but once you learn to pass through struggles it becomes easier.

When you get an issue either post it here with lots of detail or you can try jarvee support. They are good for basics but will not help you with tough issues

this is what you need for 10 main accounts:

5 4G proxies good quality ones.

at least 25-30 scrapers.

you need to use the tag name method instead of the classic scraper to main one

check this article:

As for settings review, you should always contact Jarvee support they will definitely help you optimize your settings.

The main account gets error code 550 because you scrapers got suspended. You should run the scraper accounts on different proxies. Don’t share you main account’s proxy with the scrapers. Also, have enable api limits and delay all tools options checked on your scraper accounts.

Thank you very much for your kind attention to my post and for your recommendations.