Help me set up 100 accounts

Hi, I want to run 100 accounts on JV. My goal is to get 100-150 followers monthly on each account. I plan to follow 50 people daily + 100 likes + story views + 50 unfollow. That is around 300-400 actions per day. If I do 1 action at 1 minute. 400 actions in 400 minutes using EB on Jarvi using 4g proxy, Do you think I will get follow blocks?

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We all wish to answer you that you won’t get blocks but it’s not realistic to answer that. You need to start slow, I wouldn’t start with 100 accounts, you need to tweak your settings, test proxies, account quality and so on. Good luck.


Good question, but if You are beginner in automation it can be little bit difficult for You. I would recommend at first run little less accounts and see how they will perform in case of action blocks and so on. Than if everything works You can run more accs with your settings

Yes, you will get blocks with that setup. And if is the first time you are doing this you will get bans as also.

Yeah you will most likely get blocks and bans. I would start with way more conservative settings than that. They may have been conservative a few months back but not anymore. Make sure the accounts are created on a 4G signal with an email such as gmail etc, these start with better trust scores.

This is interesting. Are there older accounts for sale?

Has there been any proof with the trustscore of emails? I know ru is a give away but what about gmail, outlook, hotmail and yahoo?

It’s depends of type of your accounts, if they botting before or not, test on few accounts and see results before run all accounts

It’s hard to have proof but yes I really think trustscore of emails it’s real, with ru email I have more ban or blocks but with gmail, outlook, hotmail I have less problems, I don’t know about yahoo but I see lot of people sell ig accounts + yahoo email so I think it’s not as good as gmail or hotmail for trustscore

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Not been any proof but I use gmail and have never had an account banned!

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I agree with you

I have been into automation for around a year. I ran 15 accounts max on JV. Test and learn is the best way I guess.

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Not doing this for the first time. I have heard that overall action limit is 6000 per month. Is it true ?

I agree with you. this is the final settings after slowly warming up. How long should I warm up ? What do you think? 30 days to 60 days ?

You will find a lot of sellers here, who can provide you good quality Old accounts. But AFAIK new or old does not matter. You need to start slow if you are automating.

No there is no proof and you can use any email. What matters is, how your account is created. If your account is created using IG app and 4g proxy, your trust score is maximum.

Yes, test and run is the best option I have. thanks