Help me think if we can improve the JARVEE & Proxys world´s

I try to collaborate with the community and with the good functioning of the services. Maybe my contribution today can trigger some beneficial tests for everyone. I hope that all together we can think if the next topic that I am going to expose can be improved.

One of the big problems we have that we use Jarvee with many accounts inside is the performance. We need a great server that can support consumption. Lately we are using the Embebed Browser a lot to perform the actions.
The same, what it does is load each image or video that is going to like. Or download the images and videos of the people to whom we will apply the follow.

For example, when Embebed Browser like a picture of a source, my server have a consumption for load an image of…300-500k aprox.

On the other hand, we have the big problem that we have to use more expensive proxies (4G) to avoid blocks and have better performance. Many of them have bandwidth limit, one of the reasons why they have a high price.

Then I started thinking. What would happen if we forced our EMBEBED BROWSER not to load any type of images or videos? Would everything work the same?

My concern caused me to perform a simple test. I put my Google Chrome browser not to load any type of image on After that, browse Instagram without my server or my internet connection downloading the images and videos.

I tried to perform the Follow and Like action (although the heart did not look the same, it allowed me to click it). AND IT WORKED!

My browser had a very low consumption, and my internet connection only consumed a few kilobytes instead of megabytes. Therefore I think it could be beneficial for EB.

Here in this group there are many experts who may think for some reason that this is a bad idea. I reiterate that I only wanted to bring this topic here so that together we can evaluate if it is viable.


This topic has been discussed before.

I don’t think the requests in EB succeed when the content isn’t loaded. Something like that.

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I dont see that discussion, but Im new.

You see my screenshot´s?. Its running normally without images and videos.

About that: I would like to have a productive discussion with someone who will tell me why this would NOT work if I am showing that it can be done.

Try it at home with your chrome browser.

The EB doesn’t run chrome though.

I am not very familiar with how it works exactly, but I figured I’d chime in with what I’ve read about this.

Perhaps times have changed and it’s now possible, I don’t know.

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I do not believe at all that an internal browser has difficulty rejecting images and videos

Good to see others wanting to improve the product.


Seems like a pretty simple fix too, great idea.


Settings - Software Settings - Embedded Browser User Agent

Maybe it can be changed here?

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This is actually a brilliant idea. Especially for those who may have a tight budget buying proxies with unlimited bandwidth. Also this could bring the usage of 4G data a lot.

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Nice, thanks you. I think same

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