Help me to help JV to improve the Software

Hi MPsocial Community,

i have a really stupid but necessary Request to all that want that JV runs 10000% better than now and dont bring FB, YT, Twitter all Accounts running with EB and Desktop Browser in big Danger and reduce the Trust Score to 0. If u use JV your IP also real Home IP get Flagged. You can have the best Proxies but JV handle it that this good Proxies get Flagged.

So please all that Use JV Open every Day a Bug Ticket with this Screenshots or your Screenshots. JV and all the community that love and use JV have to fix this Bug for a future. Or this tool will die. Because no body will lose the Main Accounts or Client Accounts.

Compare JV EB with last version User Agent to Real Google Chrome Browser same Version (last one, today the is a new Update) Same Windows PC, Same Proxy = Trust Score 0 - because i have the best Proxy provider and the can reset my Trust Score (i Had 55), Same DNS, Same IP, Same ISP, Same MAC. All is 100% the same.

Just the result is different.

JV EB Desktop Browser look at the notice where its say this Browser is not a real google chrome browser. Mark in Red!

Real Google Chrome Browser (Inkognito Mode)

U can see its also possible to check the fingerprints and if the Browser is the newest version.

Also if you make a test on the JV EB with i get strange result. No Ping, No Upload is Displays so im 1000000% the JV EB is shity and cause a lot of issues.

Please help me and help you to help JV that this Software works perfect in highes Quality. If this is not fixed for me is JV just a Kid tool bot not a full professional tool. I really love JV and the support and all the Team behind. But i need Professional tools and not Kids Tools. If JV dont cant fix this i will start to build my own Team and make my now “JV” for my uses and for my Clients.

Cheers. I already open 3 Tickets to JV and 1 Ticket in this Form. From today i will open every day a bug ticket with the same issue.

Have a nice Day.


@Adnan @HenryCooper What are your thoughts on this?

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Will put through a request and link this page also

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Oh yes pleas @Adnan and @HenryCooper tell us what you think about this. Im sure @HenryCooper that u allways have some issues with your Proxy server and have to change many Hardware. This is expensive. I also Compensate the Shit EB with being new Hardware to have new Mac and all but this is expensive. The is alleys a workouround but i try to find the real reason what destroy all the systems in behind and try to fix this. Im a solution-oriented person. and i start with hypotheses and than with theory than i try to make experiments to check the theory and if im sure this is the problem i start to fix it.

Thank you @heroeslair

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Did Jarvee look into this?

Can you let us know what JV says in regards to your findings? Would appreciate it

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I asked Jarvee support and they said that Jarvee cannot be detected. That’s it

:+1: thanks for the update

Wow this is very helpful, thanks @Sephiroth !

I think you are absolutely right. IG can now detect the embedded browser. If you find or create a solution, please let me know!

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Hey :smiley:
Did they reply to you?

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Keeping tabs on this.

Have you recently looked into the cpu usage used by Jarvee also? I never noticed but lately its hitting way higher than usual.

Made today

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Is that on JV?

yes i make the test with two account.

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Sorry i was really busy the last days i try to get an invest to build 600 Proxies with 3600 Accounts. And this is a lot of work.

Yes i get an answer and yes i also send them other tools that works with real Chrome Browser and were the fingerprints are 100% Human style so i hope to see how other amazing tools works will open the eyes of JV dev team and think more out of the box and how Social Media Works in real and not by Code.

The answer of the Dev. Team is the are working on and try to find other solution but this means the have to change all the way how JV is build today. So in the end the have to make a hole new JV like JV 2.0 And im not sure if the have the money capacity and the def. capacity. That hard long work. :-/ But i trust JV the are an amazing team with really good Coding people. But if the dont think for the Future the will lose there business.

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I open the ticket about Desktop Browser not Mobile Browser. Pls look exactly what is the issue. I never talked about Mobile Browser i just talking about Desktop Browser. Mobile is ok but not how people using Social Media if the use Social Media on the Smartphone the use the App and not a browser. Also the Social Media Plattform wants that you use the App and not the browser. Why its simple to say because via the app the get more information about you :wink:

Make the same test with an Desktop User Agent and you will see the notice that this is a Chrome based Browser but its not Chrome so in the end pixelscan can detect that JV is a fake browser and not a real browser. And if Pixelscan can make this im sure FB, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok etc can to it much more better :wink: