Help me to simulate this Instagram login condition (Help us to verify you own this account) In which Instagram send code to old phone & email which you do not have access

How this condition occurs please let me know. I tried to create this condition but failed to do so?

  1. Those who are facing this problem please briefly reply how this problem occurs to them.
    2.The problem some people are facing: They have access to email & phone number on which Instagram sends a password reset link or login link but when they try to login after password reset or directly click the login button Instagram asks them to verify that you own & at this stage both the mail address & phone number are different & you do not have access to it.
    How the same problem can be simulated? I need information from you!


This security check often requires to have access to the email / phone number that were used at creation. In that case, you might want to create your accounts yourself, or use cheap accounts.

The best way is still to avoid those situations by trying to stay under the radar (use better proxies, software, accounts,…).

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It only happens when you use bad proxies. It can’t be recovered without access to them

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You can create a new account using phone numbers from a phone number provider such as smspva, sms-activate, once it’s created change the phone number to your own phone number and add your own email. if you use an automation software, use the account as scraper and run the tools on that account as well. You will then get that verification page, probably after a few days.

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Ossi as per your instruction
I will create an account using the number 123456 and give them a mail abc@gmail
After that I will change the number to 369852 and change the email to xyz@gmail
Now if I will try to reset the password through the app it will send a reset link to xyz@gmail and on the 369852 number but when I try to login after reset it will ask for a security code on 123456 and abc@gmail is this the scenario Ossi Am I right? Please guide.

Also, Ossi Should I verify both the email & phone number such that I have to verify first I created a new account and will also verify when I change both mail and phone number.

Please note two factor authentication will remain turned off during the whole scenario.

Dear, Please confirm my other reply. I am waiting. I will be thankful to you if you can please corporate.Thanks