[Help] My TV Monitor has horizontal lines

For the past few days my screen has had vertical lines going across them. Now I have spent around 5-6 hours researching trying to find someone else with the same problem. To my supersize there are many different types of horizontal lines, and no once seems to have the issue I do. So I am hoping one of you guys can help :slight_smile:

Now here are some important pieces if information:

  • The TV’s make and model is Toshiba 32dt2u1

  • The lines are horizontal

  • The lines appear using HDMI, VGA, and even when no cable is connected.

  • The lines are very hard to see from a distance (unlike most horizontal line problems).

  • The lines are the easiest seen when the screen has a solid color like blue or red.

  • The lines have the exact same distance between each other.

  • 50% of the horizontal lines are discolored or incorrect, while the other 50% is perfectly fine.

The best way I can describe what I see, is by referencing to a printer running out of color ink. Im sure most have you have run low on printer ink, tried to print a colored image and you see horizontal lines running across the image.

##Here is the original picture

##And here is what my TV monitor displays
Ignore the swirls. This was because I took this picture of my screen with my camera. The completely straight horizontal lines are what I see and would like to try to fix

Now, since the problem remains even when no video cables are connected, it rules out any additional hardware such as a computer, Game Console, DVD player etc. My best guess is that its the TV monitor itself. I have gone ahead and messed with every possible setting on my TV with no success. I than re-set the TV settings to default with no success. I am now looking to see if I can somehow update the firmware which I have never done before on a TV. This does not seem to be a hardware issue since everything is completely even, however I may be wrong.

Anyone have a damn clue how to fix this? :smiley:

I just completed a firmware update and the lines are still there. I really hope I dont need a new TV yet (I was waiting as long as I can until the 4k TVs drop in price).

Capacitors… maybe.

Other than that your outta luck. Try not to buy Chinese made electronics :smile:

Well thats not to big of a deal then. Looks pretty easy to replace.

Hahaha, I would never buy Toshiba EVER! It was inherited by my Fiance who knows nothing about brands, where its manufactured, or just basic quality control. All she said was “It was a good price” haha.

These are the brands I would buy in corasending order:

  • Samsung
  • Sony

Before any purchase, I will always check reviews to see if there is common problems with that model. I love the image of Samsung, but every now and then they release a new model that is absolute shit.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Lets see if anyone else has a different solution. If not, I will be opening this piece of crap, and replacing the capacitor that is blown (if it is).

Toshiba is Japanese.
@MrSterling good luck trying to by electronics that are not made in China,maybe in 1995 :smiley:

Grab a Costco membership and a warranty vs Walmart. And use Consumer Reports.

Not sure what you meany by this. However I do have a Costco Membership and that is where I always buy my electronics! All electronics come with a 2 year warranty for free, and an optional 3 year additional warranty for $60-100 depending on the value of the electronic.

Regardless, their warranties are absolutely amazing!

Story Time: In 2012 I bought a printer, and it broke after the first year. When I returned it, got my money back, and bought a top of the line ink-jet for less than what I paid for the previous printer. I actually profited from a return, and got a much better printer. This top of the line printer broke about on the 3rd year (I did not have any extended warranty), and guess what…I got a full refund, and was able to get a even better printer, plus 2 packs of colored ink cartridges. I am still using this printer to this day, and have no problems. Bottom line, I actually made money from Costco for returning a printer, and continued to get upgraded printers free of charge to this day.

also never get inkjets!

In my opinion anyway. I have had Laser printers last much longer and be cheaper because the ink doesnt dry out when not in-use and toner lasts forever!

I could not agree more with you.

I needed an inkjet since I mainly was using it to print high quality pictures.

I have a laser printer for all my Black and Whites prints.

I must add, they are making some pretty amazing laser printers now that are competing with the color printing quality of a inkjet.

I honestly was never impressed with the quality of a inkjet. I always go for color laser-printers.

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Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

I’ll add a Color Laser Printer into my budget :smiley:

i have something like this with my samsung tv, but instead of vertical lines, its getting darker and darker.
i wish somebody could told us about a trick or two to solve these things, i also beliver its something related to capacitors

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I’m sorry to hear you are having a similar issue :frowning:

Have you tried pushing the front and back of the TV together all around the border? This will tell you if the glue is coming apart from the screen and not a capacitor problem. Also try poking your actual screen and see if some of the vertical lines disappear.

older tv?

LCDs do get dimmer over time due to the CFLs in the screen

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