HELP needed - Can not post


Tried 3 different devices (both iOS and Android) and won’t let me post. Tested posting with a different account and it went through. I found the issue it has to do with tagging. It allows me to tag only 16 account now instead of the 20 account limit. What’s this about?


Are you trying to post picture stack? If you are, in my experience you cannot tag the usual 20 people.


Hi Cindy,

It could be you’ve been too spammy at the ig eyes, did you use automations on your acount?
If so, forget about your account for 36 hours.

  • Don’t try to post
  • Don’t like, follow, unfollow or dm anyone
  • Don’t log in

It should all go to normal after that :slight_smile:


No just posting one pic


I haven’t been using automation. But why 36h? one and a half day?


Maybe some of the accounts you’re tagging have reported or blocked you?


That was my first thought too but I checked my old posts and they’re all there. Can’t imagine report without removing their own tag first.