Help needed with paypal/shopify/woo

I managed to change the brand name on paypal to a generic “umbrella” name, but on shopify, i can’t seem to get the brand name tied up with the website’s name.

On the other hand, if i used WP woocom, i can customize everything, name, logo, the displayed name.

I dont know where i’m going with this either. But i have a love/hate relationship with shopify. The same goes to woocom.

I don’t know also, whether a customer will be alerted and be put off if they ever see a different name appearing when they’re in paypal screen.

Only thing i haven’t tried is the creation of a child account under paypal.

Can’t help with this as I haven’t done shopify, but I’m bumping this for you maybe others that know will see and reply :wink:

I don’t know that much about Shopify but I know that you can’t customize everything you want, I suggest contacting their support with your question and they will let you know if you can do it and how or if it’s not possible.

Why not just use Magento?? It is cheaper than shopify and since it is open source, you can customize it. Plus you sound like technical guy,no ddd???