[HELP] Old Active IG Account Engagement Rate Went Down

Hi, Iā€™m new here in this forum. Just wanna ask about my old active account, (the engagement rate went down, its not shadow banned, I thought one or other reason because boting without using private proxy) is this account still useable? if yes, how to maintain it correctly? It would be a pleasant if u could recommended me other related helpful article in this forum. :slight_smile:

Too little information. Tell us more. How much did your ER decrease? How often do you post? Niche or personal account?


Yeah gonna need some more info. There could be a million reasons for why this has happened. Recently engagement went down a decent bit because of easter if that could be a possibility

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Are people using shared database proxies? This may contribute to the reason why its not working so well :rofl:

If you care about the account (which i feel like u do), then the first tip i can give you would be to read a little more in this forum. Collect some good information how to do this properly. Theres a lot of good information if you look around. Good luck, and welcome :smiley:

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