Help ! Outlook Emails always failing when trying to create an IG account, wtf !?

Hey guys,

I’ve been creating some IG Pva accounts with a decent margin of success while using US 4G Proxies and official IG app .

Now I wanted to try to create accounts using hotmail / outlook but for some reason I have had a 100% failure rate when trying to use outlook so far .

I have tried using android, multilogin, etc and nothing seems to work !!

With gmails I don’t have any issues but outlooks just seems impossible , it doesn’t even make any sense since many US based users will try creating these in the same circumnstances, either from phone or browser .

Now I know that one of the things that has previously been discussed as a possible fingerprint is not having any cookies in your browser … but even on mobile app or with cookies saved it still fails all the time .

Anyone got a clue of why this may be happening ? I see plenty of ppl are using outlooks to make accounts without issues .


You need to have a look ++ at the quality of your Outlook emails (the way they are created). This goes for any verification process, not only Outlook

@denis1 thanks for the insight but I don’t see how that can possibly be related to the success rate of account creation on IG side ? It’s not like they are exchanging informations between them …

What does the quality of the outlook emails have to do with anything ? IG can’t even infer anything about the emails quality , they don’t have any info about those …


I can confirm that its the same with everyone. Hotmail/outlook/rambler are just a big no no. We cant create accounts with them no more without getting a captcha

Gmails, its close to 100% success rate. All one has to do is either make gmails or buy a bunch of them and let any bot create the accounts.

AOL, close to 50% success rate. But they are cheaper to buy

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@IG_Accountz thanks for confirming ! But I see other ppl in this forum who sell IG accounts still are using outlooks, how can that be ?

I think the only combination I haven’t tried is probably registring from an Iphone , apart from that I did pretty much everything with all different kind of ips, be it 4G Or residential .

They create them first and they get a captcha/PV

They then solve the captcha. Such accounts will not last that long. However they are very easy to create.

@IG_Accountz I see . Well that makes sense but these would be the lowest quality ones that go by 15c or so . There’s also the HQ ones ranging from 50 to 70c each and these are supposed to be better than empty scrapers and use outlook emails too .

Edit: I just remember when you fill the captcha it asks for a phone to send sms so it doesn’t make much sense to solve these since you have to provide a valid phone for sms confirmation anyway …

There’s only 2 options that I see here :

  1. These accounts are made with phones and the emails are added afterwards and phone is removed . This however would result in lower quality accounts as far as I understand since when you do a swap from phone to email the accounts should not get such a high trust score and will handle less api calls .

  2. The accounts are effectlively being made with emails and after the multiple tests I’ve done it just doesn’t seem possible to achieve that under any circumnstances while using either browser or androids . Perhaps with Iphones it’s possible to create outlook accounts ?

So this is happening despite the fact that you’re using 4G proxies?

I would say swapping the phn no. With emails is the worst idea ever. however creation with phone is easy as compared to the emails but its not a long run horse for sure.
I would agree creating accounts with outlook email is not easy after last few updates we get direct captcha on creation. But there is a way for sure as i am doing it myself.
A master tip which can change ur ig experience is go for the ‘trust score’.
Learn how build it up u will reach the success for sure.

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@Jaha that is happening with 4G HQ proxies from US, residentials, etc . Doesn’t really matter what I throw into it, be it browser or android I always get challenge for outlooks .

@ARoNNN thanks for the feedback, obviously I don’t expect any details from you but I appreciate your insight :slight_smile:

About the phone swap I figured that much , it immediatly recks the trust score of any account .

And yea for sure there must be a way but I probably need an Iphone to test that , which I don’t have :smile:

Having said that, I’m having huge success rates with the pva ones :wink: