[Help] Phone verifications after using Campagnes [Open]

Hi guys,

Currently I have 6 accounts posting the same content so I created 6 campagne’s for each account with the following settings:

  • 40 same photos but shuffled posts for each campagne
  • All posts contact spin captions
  • All have “hard” changes before posting

But still after these settings my accounts get always “Phone verification” after a post from the campagne, and this cost me alot of work for reactivating and most important, from the 30 posted by the campagne ony 10 get actually on the board ( rest is gone for some reason).

Does anyone know why is this? and maybe have some tips for me?

I believe some information has been posted on this. The posting tool may be causing these issues. Unconfirmed yet, but alot of rumours about it

Already a big thread for this. No solution as of yet.



Hey guys, thanks for the replay.

Well I have this already for 1 months but I was just too busy to post it.

Lucky my accounts do not get banned or disabled yet, but I do need to verify them everyday with phone smspva.com. Plus the content is deleted. Not sure if this the same as the other thread because its only my accounts who have a campagne.

i’d recommend to hand post at this point, until this situation get’s clarified

Ok thanks, maybe I will try latergram see if that works

even with this recent wave of PV crap, it is not a good idea to post all the same damn thing. That alone will trigger a PV.

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Agreed on that @Alexnvo

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Sadly, I don’t have access to this section but seems to be related to accounts extracting post and posting using campaigns.