Help| Promoting OGAds "Products Offers"

Hey guys this topic relates to everyone who use OGAds and especially for people why make money with the Product Offers!
Well, I really have hard time with promoting my IG pages with those produts that i really want to figure it out casuse the cpa payout is huge!
Well i’m asking here for help on how to promote my IG page right so i will be able to make some profit :slight_smile:

Am fairly new here myself - but to save yourself time and others’ frustration on the forum - you could add in what you’ve tried, what worked and what didn’t work for you. You haven’t said much about what you’re doing currently.

There is a ton of information on this forum and through a few quick searches you would find a little bit more information about this particular set up. I have tried IG+CPA myself and learned everything I needed to here.



A true example of what mpsocial members should strive to be. You’re well ahead, if you stick around more, you should be upped to higher level with even more info.

@killerscript i’m not sure if you’re here to troll or truly want to earn serious money, you’re in the highest and most private part of the forum and yet you’re being told off by a lvl 1 basic member on how to be part of mpsocial.

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@dddd Appreciate that - Thanks to the fine members of this forum for the excellent display of social etiquette all around, am doing my best to become more active! Cheers.