HELP - Read Only Facebook Repost - ERROR

Hi there,

Since few days I got a lot of error reposting on Facebook.
First of all I don’t use any VPS or Proxies on these account so problems are from Jarvee.

Most often I have the code 55 “Skipped” - Read only Facebook page/group/event.

I tried to clear cookie as support told me but nothings change. I always have to “Retry” severel times to post on my pages and groups.

Is there someone who already have these are reposting? How did you solved that?

Hello @Blackhell, i have the same issue on my accounts and i have contacted their support and they told me that they have fixed the issue and that they will release the update very soon.

Yes, I am experiencing a lot of issues with FB lately but Jarvee’s support has assured me that they will release update very soon with updates and fixes for multiple different issues.