HELP - Selling an instagram account

ive got an account with 80k followers. all organic and with a high engagement rate… ive been offered $5000 for this account, do you think that its worth more?

if the sale was to go ahead through paypal what is stopping them from getting a paypal dispute refund once they have control of the account…

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Go with Bank Transfer they can use Transferwise to send directly to your Bank from whatever country

Theres a certain amount of trust that must go into these things, im as untrusting of him as he is of me so i can imagine him being weary if i ask him to bank transfer me 5k.

Ya true, bro maybe try going through SWAPD they have a middle man stuff of so

5000 lol, I was buying accounts with 100K+ and huge engagment for less then 3000

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The price is a a little expensive.

You can use any of the services that have escrows so that the payment is sent to a third party while everything is done.

try here:

P.S. not affiliated in any way.

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The price is brilliant I would straight up go for it. Just make sure to either use :

  • escrow services
  • paypal (family and friends payment)
  • direct transfer to your bank with transferwise

There are Lots of shady people so make sure to stay safe!

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SWAPD – contact them for a private sale and make sure they verify purchaser


I sold a 54K account with 5% engagement for $3,500. The price is whatever the market is willing to pay. Get that money.

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Price too expensive for a profiles with 80k followers

If your’e looking into wire transfer their will be wire transferring fees on both ends so check with your banking institution first.

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I only used them once. I sold my tattoo related account through them. Everything went smoothly.They were really professional. I got the money transferred to my bank account.

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Well i think someone is willing to pay that to him the account must really be of high quality for someone to offer him that

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Paypal friends and family options should be ok.

Here is what they say.

Hi everyone,

Payments sent through the Friends and Family option are not eligible for Buyer Protection at this time.

If you are paying for an item, goods, or service, we strongly recommend against marking it as Friends and Family.

So, stay safe and don’t use this if you’re purchasing something - you might be hurting yourself in the long run!

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It is safe enough. However I have heard some stories of the bank chargebacks or if someone pays by credit card he can just cancel it at some point so unfortunately there is no way to be 100% safe :frowning_face:

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@Molishparty Honestly I had a talk with there costumer support and the guy told me that the only way you won’t have any protection is buy friends & family transfers. Once the transfer is done, your money is gone.
But I see your point with the credit card option. That is tricky.
In this case the best thing is to let that person pay. Once the full amount is recieved he can hand over the login/pass.

another option you can try with bitcoin’s payment gateway bro