Help switching Instagram usernames!

I have two accounts that I want to switch around the usernames. When I change the username on account 1 and go into account 2 and try to add account 1’s username to account 2, I get this:

“This username isn’t available”

Now, I’ve noticed that IG also puts this disclosure: I"n most cases, you’ll be able to change your username back to xyz for another 14 days."

"In most cases, you can change an Instagram username back to a previously used name if:

*The username hasn’t been taken by a new person on Instagram

*The usrname hasn’t been recently removed from an active Instagram account that you don’t own."

The statements by IG seem to conflict each other.

Anyone else having trouble with this?

Anyone know a work-around so I can change usernames quicker?

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Yeah, I think Instagram rolled-out this thing recently to avoid people turbo-eing usernames on mass on IG so they added a security measurements to stop that. Well, you can do a turbo swap or other methods to change that. I know one guy who helps me to acquire and get any usernames, so if I will have time, I will ask him on how he bypasses this security measurement.

A turbo swap? Is that where they grab it seconds after I release?

I don’t mind waiting the 14 days though, but does that mean my username will potentially get taken?


Maybe yes, maybe no. If someone’s keeping a track of your username with custom software and methods, he can potentially get the username taken (but it’s not so easy)

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Thanks bro. I see why IG implemented this 14 day thing. I don’t want to risk losing my handles though.

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I recently switched my username from a 100k account to something else. I then had a fresh account and I waited 12 days before trying to switch the fresh accounts username to the old username once every 4-6 hours (I only did this so that I didn’t lose it to someone else). Towards the end of day 14, I claimed my old username on my new account.

Things I’ve noticed after doing this a few times with larger accounts:

  1. The growth momentum is absolutely slaughtered on account 1 when the name is changed
  2. The growth momentum is transferred to the fresh account (account 2) after changing to the old username (from account 1). There’s probably a bunch of factors involved for this to happen.

Current fresh account is growing EASILY by over 1k+ followers a day (starting from 0) without slowing down for 2 months now (0 automation). That doesn’t just happen. It took a couple of weeks to a month to recover the main account to where it wasn’t losing followers, it is now gaining 200-500/day (0 automation).


That’s really interesting… thanks for this!

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Avoid characters that are not allowed
and don’t make nicknames too long

hey - any chance you could share the method as I really need to swap a username too

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After 14 days I was able to switch usernames.

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Hey, you ever figure this one out? Going through the same problem right now. I have two accounts and want to make one name the other name. I’ve tried everythingggg and it just keeps saying username not available although I can use it on one account. When I change the name, I can’t use it on the other. It’s senseless. Please shine a light on my confusion and help me solve this problem! Thanks in advance