HELP! Temp Locked IG Account over 3 weeks

Guys this is a hard situation and I’m calling upon the greatest minds of Instagram account recovery for help.

I’ve been in contact with Facebook support since end of december and I haven’t been able to get a hold of instagram support (I am in the US). Our client’s business Instagram account was randomly hit with the message “Your account has been temporarily locked” when we haven’t been using any automation besides scheduling posts. The recovery email and number are not familiar to us.

The email we have linked with the instagram is and we still receive emails from instagram to that email even when we click forgot password and enter our email we receive a link to log back in however once tapping or clicking on it it redirects back to the “temporarily locked account” page with the same unfamiliar email and number. We were thinking maybe this was a time-sensitive lock however it has been over 3 weeks since we first received this notification.

I’ve tried to login from desktop, mobile device, etc. and it still shows the random account and number while the email we have linked still receives the “Tap here to log back in” link when we go through the “Forgot password”

FB support redirected me to Instagram help page but there was no form for me to fill out to try to recover the account.

Is there any recommendations on how to get this account back/how to contact instagram to get this account back?

PS we own the rights to the business account and have any kind of papers if needed, plus we have access to the email that is currently linked to the account (Not the random email and phone number they are showing)

Your help is much appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

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@HenryCooper may be able to help

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@HenryCooper my friend is there anything you recommend?!

PM me the user name, I will respond in the thread here.


The good news is, that the account is not hard “locked” or banned. So as long as you can get around the login loops you should be fine in the end.


That makes me happy! What’s weird is that the email that we have linked is receiving the login emails but when clicked it just loops!

Still having issues here…tried waiting another 2 weeks and still having the same loop. Tried logging in from different IP and device too…Sent to the correct email, once clicked it loops and shows the other email:

Thanks for Providing Your Info

We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to access your account within approximately 24 hours.

When you are receiving this message… do you recover normally the account? It appeared after Solving Captcha :frowning:

I never received that message

Did you verify the account with a phone number from a phone number provider or your own phone number? Accounts that get 24 HOURS REVIEWS are usually banned after few days/weeks. You have to wait until IG disables the account, then submit an appeal through this form.

As ossi said, this message usually means that your account’s going to be disabled soon. If it’s important to you submit an appeal to get it back.

So this is an aged client account, first got the temporarily locked message 1 month ago, the account still is up and working right but we only havre access to the current email that is linked to the account, not the random original number and original email…so our current email receives the password reset and login link emails but then once we click them it shows that it needs a code from the original email or original phone. I tried submitting an appeal through that form, but it says the account isn’t inactive…We have access to the account email but not the email or phone number that was linked to it from years ago…What do you recommend we do or try contacting?Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.08.47 AM|690x179