Help URGENT. Not receiving mail confirmation code

I have some accounts that the proxies stopped working for them and now im changing them with working proxies and i need to do mail confirmation. The problem is that i dont receive the mail confirmation with the code.
I can receive other mails on that mail and 1 more thing i can receive the " change password link " from ig on that account.
Anybody knows a fix to this one? or what is the problem?

Sorry if i posted this on the wrong category

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Have you already tried to use the API for email verification? I once had the same issue but for some reasons when using the embedded API in Massplanner it worked.


well it worked…

thank you ma man

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No problem :slight_smile:

1 more think. on 1 account i had only mail verification on api
but on another account i have only the verification only with phone.
i quess there is no way to select mail not phone verification.

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Yes if you have a phone verification you can’t do an email verification. Instagram unfortunately doesn’t work that way.