"Help us confirm..." loop, I've tried everything, please help!


I am having an issue. I wish to log in My account . However, I am redirected to a screen where I need to put a 6 digit code, sent to an email that I don’t have access to anymore (i don’t even remember it).

This is the prompt:

"Help Us Confirm You Own This Account

You’ll need to verify your identity to confirm you own this account.

Email: u*******d@gmail.com

Send security code"

(There is not any option to change the mail or phone number, only this).

When I click “Send security code”, the prompt is this:

"Enter Your Security Code

Enter the 6-digit code we sent to the email address u*******d@gmail.com.


Didn’t receive your code? Get a new one."

(Again… There is not any option to change the mail or phone number… i can only click “Get a new one” but it is sent to the same mail i can’t access to and don’t remember).

By using the log in Instagram help, I managed to change the account email and password (I had to send a video selfie to confirm the owner is me, and i had no problem with that). However, when i log in with the new email, I am still being redirected to the screen where I need to put the 6 digit code, sent to the 1st email I don’t have access to.

-My Instagram account is linked to facebook… If I log in with FB, i get the same result
-I also used the option “i have been hacked” in the log in help… That allowed me to change the email and password (again). But when I log in, it’s the same result.
-I tried the Opera VPN procedure, using the mobile app and the browser in mobile and laptop… but nothing works.

I don’t know what to do :frowning:

Please help :pray::pray::pray:

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Very weird that it goes for the primary one after you’ve changed it. What ip are you running it on? It could be flagged and causing issues every time you login.

Have you tried choosing “The login code was sent to a mobile number or email that i don’t have access to” on the Request support page?