Help Us Confirm You Own This Account - how to solve?

Here is a screen shot of the problem ->
How do I solve it?
Tried to reset pass, didnt work.
I ge the emails but cant really log in into the account.

Any ideas?

No solutions atm as far as I know, the reset pass thing worked in May tho. I’ve lost maybe 20-25 accounts to this problem…

This is not the one where it says to take a picture of you with the name of the page ?

try these steps on your phone (make sure it’s Android) Click Get Help with Signing in

Enter your username, and click Next, Click Need More Help? Fill out the form and click Submit

After the form has been submitted, you will receive a reply from Instagram on your Instagram account email. You need to reply to their questions and follow their instructions then see how it goes.

what if you don’t get a need more help button

Can you share with us here what you see after you enter the account username?

I created a thread about submitting a support request form, you may want to check it out:

Are you using the original device made to create the account?

not the original device
got new tablet

when i try find account it says no user found
weird cause had account for couple years
i suppose this means has been disabled

Does it say “this page isn’t available” when you visit on your browser? If your account is indeed disabled, you need to submit an appeal through this form:

hello ossi
can you fill a support request for my account? unable to do it myself
signup email is
preffered email is
acct was hacked

Hi ossi, can you tell me what i need to do to prove in appeal i didn’t violate they policy? I have try to submint many form and last night i tried to run and ads but i can’t find the facebook live chat support. Please help me give me some suggestion how can i get back my account. Thanks before…