How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In

Hello all,

I noticed that not everyone has access to Instagram Request Support form.

I have a few accounts with Get Help Signing In status, and only one of the accounts has access to the form. If I follow these steps on other accounts or on other phone, IG will show me Help Centre page instead of the form.

You can try these steps on your Android phone:

  1. Open Instagram app

  2. Click Get Help with Signing in

  3. Enter your username, and click Next

  4. Click Need More Help?

  5. Fill out the form and click Submit

  6. If you are taken to the Help Centre page instead of the form, you can PM me your IG account email, and your IG account type. I will fill it out for you.

  7. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive a reply from IG team on your IG account email. You need to reply to their questions and follow their instructions.


dont have this form…


very helpful ossi, thanks :pray:


Hi, you can PM me your account email and account type (personal/brand account) I will fill out the form for you.


You posted a How to above, but want people to PM you if they cant do it? A lot of accounts bring up the FAQ site when doing this process instead of the support form, it would make sense to put the entire How To here for people and how to get to the form or whichever form you are using, especially as many don’t want to give their account information to others on here.

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I already posted the entire How To. I was going to put my username in the post, so others could get to the form themselves, but I tested it on my other phone and it doesn’t work. That’s why I don’t include my username in the post.

is it a good idea to do this for many usernames on 1 phone ?

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I don’t think it’ll be an issue. IG will send an email to whatever email address I put in the form.


Dope little guide. I may crack out my android phone to try.

so does this considered like a ban where you need to take picture of yourself sending it with the given number in the email?

I tried almost the same, after I pressed “Need more help?” I had to first confirm email verification, then put in my phone number and confirm it, then everything went okay. I’ll try this with a sms provider next time this happens, since I don’t want to use my personal ofc

you get this form?

Me? I did not, after I clicked “Need more help?” I just got EV and then needed to add my phone number and do PV and change PW

u did this one a phone?
Does it make a different between ios and android on this method?

I did it on my android phone, in the first place I was trying to follow the guide OP posted. If I get a new “Help us confirm…” I’ll make sure to take screenshots from my point of view.

I tried with phone running IOs, with Android, with chrome on PC, with Tor on PC, with VPN, without VPN, with VPN over the phone, with mini Opera with and without VPN, I don’t know what else to try hehehe.

Could you send me a PM?

we need new method because what people been posting here doesn’t work =(

Did you try to submit support request and then send your selfie to IG?

I’ve submitted support requests for your accounts. Hopefully you can recover them!