"Help us confirm you own this account" LOOP

Hey, everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem as more people are now having this issue. I lost my account with almost 4k followers and Im really upset about it. I was reading other articles saying to use the opera vpn method and some people say that this method doesn’t work anymore. I’m not sure what to do. Another suggested to report it to instagram, which I have done to begin with and they never got back to me. Has Instagram ever acknowledged this issue?? I started to believe that this issue was caused by logging into your account on multiple devices which I have done. But, people who haven’t done this are getting into the same loop. Some even say that if you don’t enter a phone number for your account on the error page your account will get deleted and i’m confused as my account is still up and it’s been almost a week.

Maybe we can try and get instagram to fix this. On youtube I heard that the creator of instagram @mosseri does a Q&A every Friday. As friday is in a couple days maybe if enough of us ask he will acknowledge the issue.

I’m not very educated on getting support however but it’s just a thought since i’ve seen this issue has been going on since august of last year.

If you have been able to get your account back recently, what has worked for you?

For reference:

This is interesting. I mean I would be down to try and get his attention. I personally feel this is some kind of bizarre glitch.
I’ve lost about 60 accounts all with roughly 10k to this issue. At this point I’ll try anything. Haha.

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Ah I know, me as well. I lost my main account to this too. I wonder what the cause of this problem is and yes we can try and get his attention but all we have is hope for now.

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Have you been using any software for automating that IG account and then got this error?

'Cause I’ve been using Jarvee and once these issues started I contacted their support and they’ve sent me couple of ways to retrieve the account and at the end I’ve got my account back :smiley:

what happens after clicking “get help logging in” ?

Really? You’ve had the same issue? A while back I have used growlee but that was so long ago I forgot about it. Do you think that’s the source of the problem?

it brings you to an faq page and when you go to reset the password it brings you to the same warning. Then if you go back to your emails and click on the email that says your password was changed then press secure your account it brings you to the same page. It’s just an endless loop and I don’t know how to retrieve my account.

I honestly don’t think it’s a glitch, and believe it’s another thing put in place to throttle automation. Only people I’ve heard recieving the message are people using some sort of automation. I’ve only ever recieved it on accounts I’ve automated on. Have you recieved it on any accounts you run by hand?

How did you report it exactly? Did you submit support request form? If so, they usually get back to you with automatic response, but after you replied to their 1st response, one of their supports will reply.

What they mean is the accounts that require Captcha. After solving captcha on EB, IG will ask for phone verification.

Yes I did and I’ve been wait for a week for them to respond. Should I resend the ticket? Also I don’t have my phone number attached only my Facebook and email :frowning:

Yes I only got this on one account and I am running it by hand. Maybe it’s because I’ve logged onto it on multiple devices and locations? I’m really upset about this.

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Yep… I have a few of these also… Their in resting position now for a minimum of 7 days until I try to login again. Password reset or login from different devices /IPs don’t work for me either.

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These methods worked very well for a short time - now they are irreversible most of the time unfortunately.

Yeah, more than likely from all that suspicious behavior, as I’m running multiple accounts both automated and manually… and I only ever recieved it on accounts that I automated.

It’s been around for a couple months now, if it was just a glitch… you would think it would of been fixed a long time ago.

Yes, this is really upsetting as it’s been going on since august of last year.

Update: the q&a is live if any one else wants to ask him the question. If more of us ask the more likely he’ll see it. @mosseri on instagram

Did he see your question yesterday during the Q&A session?

Nope. I asked on multiple accounts as well. I also asked a random test question to see if he would answer that and he did. But, he didn’t answer my questions about this topic. :(((