HELP! Using jarvee for the first time

Hi everyone.
I want to learn about jarvee
How to use it for automation
M using it for first time
Is there any channel or site or topic that can help me out?

You can checkout the official tutorials here:

JARVEE - the best social media automation software - video tutorials

And the blog section might also provide good help:

JARVEE Tutorials – Jarvee

If you got any other questions, MPSocial is a great place for that :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @HenryCooper This tutorial looks great

My advice is to learn as much as you can before you scale up and prepare to invest a lot of time and money into mastering it.

It is better to go quality over quantity. So, buy/make great accounts, use 4G proxies for mains/slaves and start slow and get comfortable with dealing with a few accounts with scrapers. Then scale up.

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Yes m doing it by myself for few months and learnt more about jarvee on post and comments here…
And for accounts i use only my accounts prepared by me and my team but now i want to be perfect as much as i can in jarvee

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You can use Jarvee’s Knowledge base as henrycooper suggested. You can always contact their support, they will answer you very quickly and they will probably give you all the best instructions about each tool that you want to use.


check the articles shared by the guys above and if you have any issue or complications you can always ask us here and we will try to help you as much as we can

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Thanks for the support @Luca @Jaha and @heroeslair

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