Help With Campaigns (IG to FB Page)

I think i’m 99% of the way but just can’t quite get this to work.

I created a destination list which points to my FB page. Then i created a campaign and the where to publish uses the desitination list. Easy.

But the problem comes when i’m trying to use an IG account as the source of posts. I create RSS feeds of the IG account and try to add those to the what to publish and the post count comes up as 0. Yet, the drafts will list the IG posts.

Am i missing something? or am actually ready to go?

EDIT: Looks like the get x to drafts is what is sending to drafts.

Could be a proxy problem. I’ve had problems with auto-posting in campaign. Have you tried manually posting?

Manual posting defeats the purpose for me so i haven’t. It was problematic at first, which was a big reason i posted this. It kept giving errors or claiming inactive. Not when i manually checked, the posts were going through