Help with Conversion Rate

Hello guys!
I have an e-com site, the niche is fashion and I have been getting a considerably good amount of traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. About 500-700 visitors a day.
The problem is that these people are only going to my blog pages and I am struggling to find a good way to redirect them to my product pages so that they can buy stuff from me.

I have tried using pop-ups with coupon codes linked to different product collections but no one clicks on the popups.
I have tried add sales banner images on the blog pages that are linked to the products but still no one clicks. This makes me think that people have become immune to website popups.

Do you guys have any working recommendations on how I can turn these visitors into potential buyers?

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try to use a landing page or redirect them to a product page with a timer about a sale ( scare city)
and of course you need to test a lot of product its not one shot hit but who ever made good sales can confirm its after a lot of testing also dont hesitate to make good offer and incentive thel to buy more than one article by giving good discount if they purshase a second or 3

Insert the product’s photo with link to the blog. If you use the magento to create the blog, there is such blog extension with such feature to realize it easily.

The problem is the few blog pages I wrote a couple of weeks ago picked up and are driving traffic. But I have tried pop ups that show up a few seconds after the users get into the site with links redirecting them to the product pages and a 50-60% discount coupon but no one is even click on the popups according to the analytics.

I tried that as well, but I realized shopify blogs have limited features, so it was not as good as it could have been and I guess that is why it did not convert either

Build an email list using the traffic you are gaining. Automate sequences for the email list. This will skyrocket sales IMO.

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Sounds like a good idea, will try that, However, it means that I have to come up a good lean magnet since people seem to be immune to sign-up pop ups these days.

Change your facebook/pinterest link back to your website into a squeeze page which forces them to give you an email to continue. :wink:

You will lose some traffic, but the people who drop out were probably the least likley to purchase anyway… If you’re getting 500-700/day specifically for your content, you should be able to retain 300-500 IMHO whilst claiming their souls in your email list.

I’m not an expert, but it’s something I have had some experience with.

Yeah if you’re using Shopify Wheelio is a great way to get emails fast and easily

personaly i think you best bet is clickfunnel you 've 14days free trial and people have nothing to do either enter their email or leave well a landing page is the best bet for you i guess since you already have traffic