Help with Jarvee settings [screenshot included]

Hello everyone, new member here and hoping someone can help me out with growing my Insta account. Apologies if this seems repetitive but the other Jarvee-related threads are either a few months old now or not relevant to my issue.

I’m almost a month into using Jarvee and my account is almost 3 months old. I started on the recommended settings and cranked them up gradually. I run the follow/unfollow tools separately from one another rather than simultaneously.

My problem is that I’m not seeing any growth. Despite following 100s of people per day, my net growth today was still in the negatives.

I’ve tried tips like Follow-Like-Like-Like and Follow-Like-Comment but no lasting results. I also used a tip from a forum member who recommended following only very small accounts (600 max) but a day into this setting and no results - although it may be too soon to tell.

I rest the bot for 7-9 hours a day to stay on the safer side.

I also engage manually with people in my niche, with comments etc.

So is there something wrong with my settings? Do they need to be more aggressive?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: it won’t let me post multiple images so here are my UF and Like settings:

UF: 4-7/operation with delay of 45-60 secs and break of 5-8 mins.
UF after minimum of 1 day.
UF Maximum: 120-180/day and increase each day by 20 until it reaches 400/day
I’ve also checked delay for followers by 7 days.

Like: 20-30 per operation with delay of 25-60secs and break of 20-30mins.
Like maximum: 400-500/day and increase by 50 until 800/day

You are stopping your follow when you hit 300. You hit that in one day. With a 7 day delay you would need a limit of 2100.

And depending on your content you need this:


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Hi and thanks for your reply.

That setting was actually brand new, I’ve never used it before and have since switched it off so now I switch manually from follow to unfollow.

My only suspicion is that I’m not following enough people and/or am unfollowing too soon to get a decent chance of a followbacks.

How long should I wait to unfollow?


I usually do this, set a daily limit of 200 for follow-ups, and decide to hit 1000 follow in 5 days
the unfollow doubled to 400 and imposed after a minimum of 3, so 'the 1 day of unfollow makes me do unfollow to those I did follow the first day
I would raise the number of automatic follow at least to 1000, with 300 you do nothing

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i suggest you use this for stop bot or fake pages, and use Blackword

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Thanks for that excellent reply!

Since yesterday, my growth has definitely improved - gained 40+ followers in less than 24hours - just hope it keeps snowballing from here. I believe it’s because I’m running follow/unfollow separate from each other and also following many more people than before.

I’ve never used the Follow Back tool so will do that too from now on, I do think it will help with retention.

Appreciate your detailed response and thanks again :slight_smile:

You may have been follow ghosted, this means that people don’t see the notification that you followed them due to acting too much like a bot. In other words doing F/U at the same time.

I usually follow the people that liked or commented on my source’s page. I would go for a follower/following ratio of 1.5

Personally I also recommend to not do anything for a random day of the week, to just come over as less spammy.